We aim to provide systematic equity solutions utilising intelligent implementation, smart beta and active quantitative equity capabilities.

Realindex – Systematic equity investment tailored to clients’ needs

  • A systematic equity manager that manages strategies across market cap weighted indices, smart beta and active quantitative strategies
  • Targets and customises factors such as Value, Quality and Momentum to construct portfolios that aim to provide excess returns above that of the market over a long time-horizon
  • Experienced team with one of Australia's longest track records within smart beta and intelligent implementation

Why Realindex Investments

The team’s deep experience and ability to customise solutions to meet diverse client needs differentiates them from providers of primarily packaged solutions. Realindex’s methods vary from indexed solutions with intelligent implementation, to rules-based, smart beta methodologies, through to fully customised solutions and active quantitative strategies.

How we do it

We believe that markets are not perfectly efficient, meaning that there is mispricing of companies relative to unknown fair values. As a result of this mispricing, there is a small number of systematic factors such as Value (cheap stocks outperform expensive stocks), Momentum (stocks with strong price momentum outperform stocks with low price momentum) and Quality (low quality stocks underperform) that can lead to excess returns above that of the market over a long time horizon.

We use systematic equity strategies to target these factors. These strategies may vary from rules-based, smart-beta methodologies, to customised solutions and more active quantitative strategies.
Our strategies leverage our Factor Library which consists of more than 100 individual quantitative signals. These signals are derived from data in our proprietary investments database. The strength of our research team, data and systems allows us to partner with and develop customised solutions based on investors’ requirements.

We are committed to working with clients to integrate ESG considerations into the investment process.

Our team

Led by Andrew Francis, the team consists of 11 specialists based in Sydney with an average of 14 years of experience.

The team’s skills are supported by qualifications including a PhD in Finance, two Chartered Financial Analyst charterholders, a Masters of Science (Applied Statistics), a Masters of Commerce (Finance & Econometrics) and Bachelor degrees across Mathematics, Science, Finance, Law and Commerce.

Our history

Realindex was established in 2008 to provide systematic equity solutions. We have one of Australia's longest track records within smart beta and intelligent implementation.

Realindex is a wholly owned investment management subsidiary of Colonial First State Global Asset Management (CFSGAM).

Responsible Investment

responsible investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.
The incorporation of ESG into the Realindex investment process remains an important and ongoing area of research for our business. Our research and design focuses on developing a systematic, rules-based implementation that delivers and/or insures the value proposition for clients. Currently, attention to Governance is an outcome of our investment process as we include a Quality component that measures the financial strength of a company, providing a correlation with good corporate governance. 

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