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What's New

  • Infrastructure as a hedge to inflation (or deflation)

    Article  | 30 May 2016

    Global listed infrastructure has delivered returns well in excess of inflation over the long-term. Most infrastructure assets have an explicit link to inflation through regulation, concession agreements or contracts.

  • Brexit. What industries and sectors are most likely to be impacted?

    Article  | 30 May 2016

    The United Kingdom (UK) will hold a ‘Remain/Leave’ referendum on their membership of the European Union (EU) on 23 June 2016. Overall, the referendum is likely to be shaped by two factors; the uncertainty around economic growth and jobs for the ‘Remain’ vote and attitudes towards sovereignty and immigration for the ‘Leave’ vote.

  • Travelling Economist. Towards a new economic paradigm - Japan

    Article  | 18 May 2016

    The Travelling Economist was recently in Japan, holding meetings with the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and a number of other economists. A little over three years from the start of ‘Abenomics’ and Japan finds itself in a very difficult situation, with limited economic growth and inflation well below the 2% target.