• Warning about fraudulent activity involving use of First State Investments/First State branding

    Colonial First State Global Asset Management operates as First State Investments outside of Australia. In recent times First State Investments has been the target of ‘phishing attacks’ where fraudsters have used First State Investments branding in text messages and email communication in an attempt to entice individuals to hand over personal and/or financial information.

    How to identify the fraud communications:


    The content of the fraudulent communications (sent as text message or email) will often contain the following:

    • The use of First State Investments or related company’s name and branding
    • The author claims to be either ‘First State Investments’ or an employee or director of First State Investments
    • A request for the individual to participate in an investment opportunity or confirm their personal and financial details
    • A generic email address for the recipient (of the message) to respond to i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and/or
    • A hyperlink for the victim to click on to learn more about the opportunity or confirm their details i.e. click on this link for more information – www.firststatefakeinvestments.com


    If you are an investor and receive an unexpected or unsolicited communication of this sort, please treat it with caution.

    What you should do if you receive one of these communications:


    • Do not respond to any of the text messages or email addresses enclosed in the communications
    • Do not click on any links also enclosed in the communications
    • Contact us on enquiries@firststate.co.uk or contact your relationship manager.
    • UK residents who are concerned that they might have been a victim of fraud can report the matter and seek further advice from Action Fraud, a service run by the UK Government's National Fraud Authority. Action Fraud can be contacted by telephone on 0300 123 2040, or by visiting their website www.actionfraud.org.uk
    • Non UK residents should contact the Police Authority or Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) within their country of residence.