The Travelling Economist - US Presidential Election: Outcomes & Implications

Article | 10 November 2016

The win for Donald Trump and the Republican Party has come as a great surprise to the consensus in the US. Many economic, policy and market forecasts were based on a Clinton victory. Read our initial views on the outcome and its implications.

The Travelling Economist - Japan & USA - Conclusions

Article | 4 November 2016

I hope that you have enjoyed the 2016 Travelling Economist series covering Japan and the US - two of the world’s most important economies and financial markets.

The Travelling Economist - USA – The Fed and Monetary Policy

Article | 31 October 2016

The easiest part of my analysis of the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) from meetings in San Francisco, New York and Washington is that the path to higher interest rates will be (very) gradual.

The Travelling Economist - USA - Politics and the Election

Article | 2 November 2016

I am a big fan of House of Cards. The script for series four of the US version, however, went into some unexpected and strange directions that tested the imagination. But House of Cards has got nothing on the reality of the 2016 Presidential Election. To say that the 8 November US election is one of the most important – and divisive – in recent history would be an understatement.

The Travelling Economist - USA - The Economy, Employment and Inflation

Article | 28 October 2016

First the big news - the US economy is doing OK. No fantastic, not a disaster, just OK. That is not a brilliant insight, as it has been the case for a number of years now.

The Travelling Economist - Japan - The Economy, Inflation and Fiscal Policy

Article | 24 October 2016

The Japanese economy is generally expected to grow by around 0.6%/yr in calendar 2016, a slight pick-up from growth of 0.5%/yr in 2015.

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