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Emerging Markets Debt Update - Q2 Quarterly Review

Report | 21 August 2014

The Emerging Markets Debt team provides a review of the key drivers of emerging markets debt over the second quarter of 2014 and the outlook for the months ahead.

The Travelling Economist: US Report

Report | 6 August 2014

A comprehensive report on the current state of the US economy and the outlook for the future.

Australian retail investors' risk appetite increasing

Report | 27 March 2014

The latest findings from the CFSGAM-UWA Business School Equity Preference Index (EPI) is now available. Ryan Felsman, Economic and Market Research Senior Analyst suggested there is some scope for an even greater share of retail investors' savings to find their way into securities markets in 2014, indicated by a still high savings rate.

How investment transformed China

Report | 17 February 2014

James White releases his latest research paper today. The paper provides his view of China's economy and seeks to challenge the obsession with China's weaknesses rather than strengths.

Why invest in commodities?

Report | 8 August 2013

Historical analysis shows that commodities have been a consistently strong performer from a relative investment performance perspective over historical periods of rising interest rates, particularly during periods of extreme and unexpected inflationary episodes and strong economic growth.

The good oil: commodities, inflation and rising interest rates

Report | 31 July 2013

Commodities’ offer investors a way of achieving enhanced portfolio diversification and protection against inflation, while generating strong investment performance.

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