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  • Make America Great Again - listed infrastructure has a plan

    Article  | 15 February 2018

    Many segments of the US infrastructure market are working while others suffer from chronic underinvestment. Our global listed infrastructure team look at the disparity between public and private infrastructure funding models and their future in the Trump era. 

  • Is it time for SAA to consider retirement?

    Article  | 09 February 2018

    There’s a reasonable chance of achieving your investment objective over the long term by sticking to the plan. Not so fast! Here's why it's time to review your approach to asset allocation with volatile times ahead.

  • Co-working is not just another workplace trend

    Article  | 05 February 2018

    In this infographic, Head of Global Property Securities, Stephen Hayes, looks at the investment implications of co-working for office markets.

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  • Meet the co-workers

    Article  | 01 February 2018

    Affordable short-term space targeting free agents, contractors and start-ups has growing implications for office markets and their investors.

  • Absolutely, Totally Awesome!

    Article  | 23 January 2018

    Benchmark Relative. Absolute Return. Total Return? Global unconstrained? Here our global fixed income team demystify some of the common language used to describe approaches to fixed income investing – explaining the differences – and how they can be applied to various objective-based strategies within a broader portfolio. For more download the full investment publication, taming your unconstrained manager.

  • Dr No. (Value)

    Article  | 16 January 2018

    Is it better to continue buying assets that look increasingly expensive (providing little or no value)? Or to leave something on the table as prices keep going up and risk missing out on further gains? In short, as markets continue to rise, the risk allocation dilemma has become an even harder problem for investors to solve.

  • The listed infrastructure sectors to watch in 2018

    Article  | 12 January 2018

    Global listed infrastructure has delivered strong absolute returns to investors in recent years. Here's why we favour railroads and European toll roads.

  • 2018 outlook: hunting for yield in all the wrong places

    Article  | 27 December 2017

    A year of numerous new highs for share markets without significant drawdowns has lulled investors into a state of complacency in their asset allocations. Our global fixed income team look at the events that will change the playing field in 2018 and share their views on Australia, the US, Europe and Japan.

  • Moderately rising rates won't materially impact property valuations

    Article  | 13 December 2017

    Head of Global Property Securities, Stephen Hayes, shares his outlook for office, retail, hotels and residential markets heading into 2018.

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