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    A series of regular news updates, research papers, investment strategy updates and thought pieces from some of Colonial First State Global Asset Management's leading experts.

  • Why sustainability matters for listed infrastructure

    Article  | 6 December 2017

    The essential service nature and large environmental footprints of infrastructure assets make sustainability considerations a vital part of doing business. Here Global Listed Infrastructure Securities Portfolio Manager Rebecca Sherlock breaks down what sustainability means for the asset management industry - and how these ESG principles apply to listed infrastructure investments.

  • You don’t need to build an app to benefit from the data revolution

    Article  | 4 December 2017

    More data has been created in past 2 years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Technologies like apps, are underpinned and supported by data centres, which present a compelling investment opportunity for equities investors.

  • Will Australia remain the 'lucky country' for investors?

    Article  | 30 November 2017

    Singapore-based Multi Asset Solutions Senior Portfolio Manager Jan Baars looks at investors’ perception of luck, expected returns and whether it pays to take an active role in controlling your own investment destiny in Australia.

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  • Why we believe in electric vehicles and another oil cycle

    Article  | 23 November 2017

    Will the advent of electric vehicles mean the end of oil? Here our Global Resources team share their assessment of the impact electric vehicles could have on energy markets.

  • 3 reasons wind energy is a compelling investment

    Article  | 13 November 2017

    Our global resources team is steadily increasing their investment in renewable energy – starting with wind power. Here are three reasons wind is a compelling opportunity.

  • Global resources outlook: why we favour renewable energy

    Article  | 10 November 2017

    How are electric cars and the growth of wind energy impacting our resources portfolios? Find out more in this 30 minute webcast from our Head of Global Resources, Todd Warren.

  • Electric cars set to benefit investors in this stock

    Article  | 26 October 2017

    As the widespread adoption of electric cars gradually becomes reality, battery power is brightening the outlook for some commodities. This emerging theme appears set to drive increased demand for a surprisingly broad array of commodities – some with very little historical industrial demand, and others with a long history of industrial usage. Here our Global Resources team look at one stock positioned to benefit from shifting resources demand.

  • Mispricing in the Australian self-storage market an opportunity in property

    Article  | 19 October 2017

    Unlike the US and UK self-storage markets, the Australian self-storage is not institutionalised. Yields and capitalisation rates are higher in Australia. Given the stability of the cash flows, the localised nature of the assets and the high barriers to entry for development, the mispricing of the Australian self-storage market is material offering compelling risk adjusted returns for investors.

  • Our shopping habits are seeing investors flock to new property types

    Article  | 6 October 2017

    The growth in health care, e-tailing and omni-channel retailing has been a major driver of the increased demand for logistics distribution centres – which is seeing the emergence of new property types for investors.

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