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The global resources stocks we’re looking for in 2017

Article | 9 February 2017

Following the downturn of the last 5 years, our 20 years of experience in resources investing leads us to believe the sector is positioned for a brighter 2017. Why?

A day in the life...

Article | 9 February 2017

Leaving a hot Australian summer I flew into a cold European winter to spend a week researching infrastructure. Following is a brief summary meant to provide an insight into a day in the life of a global listed infrastructure investor.

The evolution of our cities

Article | 9 February 2017

The way we work, commute and shop is changing – and how well our cities adapt to these changes determines how fast land values can rise.

First Insights January 2017 edition

Article | 30 January 2017

As is the case each January, in this edition of First Insights, we discuss the key themes and risks for the year ahead. 2017 looks set to be dominated by President Trump and his plans for significant fiscal policy easing in the US.

Never say never again

Article | 13 December 2016

For several decades the world has looked to the US for stability and order. Following the ‘surprise’ election result that had the prevailing politicians and pollsters aghast at hearing the words, ‘President-elect Trump’, gives a sense that the stability we have come to expect from the US can no longer be assured.

How investors react to volatility and uncertainty

Article | 12 December 2016

Over the first half of 2016, market volatility and political uncertainty has driven cautious behaviour from investors

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