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Will Millennials change the investment landscape?

Article | 22 June 2017

By 2030, Millennials will represent the largest source of income and consumer spending, earning two out of every three dollars in Australia. There are implications for the investment industry.

Past, present, future

Article | 20 June 2017

Here we look at Global Listed Infrastructure Securities trends over the past decade - and what the next decade may hold.

Does Australia need an income tax cut?

Article | 15 June 2017

When Australia posted its GDP growth results in the first quarter of 2017, the numbers told two stories. Growth was on one hand, the slowest posted since the GFC-induced slowdown in 2009. It also saw the nation overtake the Netherlands as having the longest uninterrupted period of economic growth of a major nation. The headlines hid a second story...

US rates higher again as Fed prepares balance sheet

Article | 15 June 2017

In this economic research note, we look at the Fed's next steps, examine the central banks' revised economic forecasts and look at the financial market implications of today's hike.

Low interest rates – It’s written in the stars!

Article | 8 June 2017

Outlook ahead of the June 14 Federal Reserve meeting

Infrastructure cashes up globally

Article | 01 June 2017

Alternative managers are continuing to see increased interest from traditionally conservative clients and it seems infrastructure is the hottest ticket in town.

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