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Ready. Set. Slowdown?

Article | 17 May 2017

Growth in China is likely to continue to decelerate, according to the consensus of surveyed economists, but our own assessment suggests there’s more than meets the eye...

In a country of convention, the BoJ’s unconventional policies are driving Japanese investors to do the same…

Article | 11 May 2017

If the BoJ continues to buy bonds at its current pace, the Central Bank will own the entire market by 2025. With negative rates and a dysfunctional bond market, where are Japanese investors turning to offshore now?

Infographic: Back to black in 2020?

Article | 10 May 2017

Our Economics & Market Research team looks at the winners, the losers and some of the market implications of the proposed 2017/18 Commonwealth Budget.

Australian Budget: Resetting the debt narrative

Article | 10 May 2017

In today's economic research note, we break down the headline budget numbers, summarise key policy initiatives and explore their implications for key asset classes.

What an Australian ratings downgrade means for fixed income investors

Article | 08 May 2017

Speculation over a downgrade to Australia’s S&P sovereign credit rating is ramping up as the 2017 Federal Budget announcement approaches. Will stronger commodities prices, growing export incomes and the upcoming small business tax cuts be sufficient to appease the S&P?

The growth sector most property investors overlook

Article | 05 May 2017

With direct property valuations peaking, investors are searching for new ways to invest for growth. The continued adoption of the internet has been very strong globally, with a current estimated 3.4 billion internet users and over 2 billion smart phone accounts. Our Head of Global Property Securities, Stephen Hayes, gives three reasons to consider investing in data centres, specialist buildings which house the infrastructure required to power modern internet usage.

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