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VIDEO: Candid conversation exploring Australia's relationship with China...

Article | 22 March 2017

Martin Lau, Managing Partner at First State Stewart Asia, talks about what he looks for in Chinese stocks and some of the challenges of being a long-term investor in the market.

Travel Diary: Glory Days

Article | 17 March 2017

The US economy has recovered from the 2015 ‘industrial recession’, energy markets are resurgent and Trump has inspired consumer and corporate confidence – it feels like these are the glory days for US infrastructure.

US Federal Reserve: Monetary policy enters a new, more active, phase

Article | 16 March 2017

After a very slow start to its monetary policy normalisation process, with only one rate hike in both 2015 and 2016, the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) today entered a new, more active phase for monetary policy.

Travel Diary: Made in Japan

Article | 7 March 2017

Japan is starting to deliver some volume expansion. Port volumes turned positive for the first time in two years. Rail and airport volumes are robust and will receive a boost from the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics.

Goldilocks and The Four D's

Article | 28 February 2017

Following the worst down turn in global resources markets in more than thirty years, both mining and energy equities have rallied hard from their early 2016 lows.

The global resources stocks we’re looking for in 2017

Article | 9 February 2017

Following the downturn of the last 5 years, our 20 years of experience in resources investing leads us to believe the sector is positioned for a brighter 2017. Why?

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