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Have markets removed too much of the Trump trade? September will be critical

Article | 17 August 2017

Given the packed legislative agenda, and previous issues passing legislation around the debt ceiling, are there some downside risks that markets are ignoring?

It’s not me, it’s U(SD)

Article | 10 August 2017

Much has been made of the Australian dollar’s (AUD) recent rally against the US dollar (USD). After spending much of 2016 and the first-half of 2017 averaging around $US0.75, the rally in the AUD to closer to $US0.80 in late June and early July has led the market to the question; what does a higher AUD mean for monetary policy and the broader economy?

A performance update from our Global Credit team

Article | 9 August 2017

Get an annual performance update for the year to 30 June 2017 for three of our flagship funds.

Is it time for Central Banks to break up with the Phillips Curve?

Article | 3 August 2017

One of the biggest economic mysteries since the end of the GFC has been the lack of wages growth globally, perplexing policy makers for whom it has become a key indicator of monetary policy. We may need more than low unemployment to generate wages growth or inflation and given growing inequality globally, it might be time for governments to step up with alternative policies.

Robots, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Jobs

Article | 28 July 2017

With robots and AI getting better and better at these specific tasks it seems natural to ask, when will they replace human workers? According to 352 AI experts there could be a significant change in many areas...

First Insights: Why "the fear index" is leading investors astray

Article | 27 July 2017

Recently many investors and market participants have been perplexed as the VIX and volatility in general have decreased – even given the backdrop of rising political uncertainty and geopolitical risk. Here we analyse the factors currently keeping volatility low and use history to explore why the VIX may not be the best measure of risk and uncertainty.

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