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Our shopping habits are seeing investors flock to new property types

Article | 6 October 2017

The growth in health care, e-tailing and omni-channel retailing has been a major driver of the increased demand for logistics distribution centres – which is seeing the emergence of new property types for investors.

Demand for Inflation Protection in Australia Increases

Article | 21 September 2017

After an extended period where inflation expectations in Australian financial markets have been declining, the evidence is mounting that this trend may have run its course. The most recent example of this is last week’s new ten year inflation linked bond issue from the Australian Government, where around A$5 billion of interest was expressed for a A$3 billion transaction.

Profits and the Economy – What have we learnt?

Article | 21 September 2017

The performance of the Australian economy over 2017 to date can best be described as mediocre.

Travel Diary Brazil: Corajoso e bonito

Article | 28 August 2017

The latest instalment of our Infrastructure Travel Diary comes from Andrew Greenup, Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, who recently spent time in Brazil visiting infrastructure companies, assets, regulators and government bodies.

Beyond GDP, what should be the economic goal?

Article | 24 August 2017

Experts agree that climate change and global warming pose systemic risks to the world economy, with major impacts on the availability of resources, the price and structure of the energy market, the vulnerability of infrastructure and the valuation of companies. But from a macroeconomic level, little has been done.

Carry on credit

Article | 21 September 2017

Credit spreads have tightened towards historically low levels in recent years. Our credit team looks at how much further they can they go and what could trigger a widening.

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