A Day in the life - GLIS travel diary Feb 2017

A day in the life...

Articles | 9 February 2017

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Leaving a hot Australian summer I flew into a cold European winter to spend a week researching infrastructure. Following is a brief summary meant to provide an insight into a day in the life of a global listed infrastructure investor.

Monday: Paris

Monday morning started with a quick breakfast meeting with Eurotunnel, then off to La Défense to visit several utilities followed by afternoon meetings with Groupe ADP (Aeroports de Paris) and gas utility Rubis.

Key points of interest were: Despite low corporate confidence, the French economy is improving. This is supporting reasonable (2-3%) traffic growth on the country’s toll roads and airports. Construction activity levels and the number of cranes at work are the highest I have observed in Paris at any time over the past eight years.

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