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    Stewart Investors is a semi-autonomous investment business. They manage equity portfolios, on behalf of clients, in Asia Pacific, Emerging Markets, Worldwide and Sustainable investment strategies. Primarily based in Edinburgh, with research offices in London, Singapore and Sydney, they have a distinct culture and investment philosophy that is unchanged in more than two decades, since the launch of their first investment strategy in 1988.

    Stewart Investors is 100% owned by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

    At the heart of their investment philosophy is the principle of stewardship.

    They manage long-term investment portfolios on behalf of their clients. Their investment philosophy is founded on the principle of stewardship – careful, considered and responsible management of their clients' funds.

    They believe their job is to allocate their clients' capital to good quality companies with sound growth prospects and strong management teams, ensuring they pay sensible prices for these investments. They believe that they have a responsibility as investors to manage their clients' funds to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders and the wider community.


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