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  • Stewart Investors

    Stewart Investors is a team of dedicated investment professionals based in Edinburgh, London and Singapore.

    We operate autonomously and manage funds on behalf of clients in Asia Pacific, Emerging Markets Worldwide and Sustainable Development equity investment strategies. We have a distinct culture and investment philosophy that is unchanged in more than two decades, since the launch of our first fund in 1988.

    Stewart Investors formerly operated as First State Stewart. On 1 July 2015 the First State Stewart team split to form two new teams: one primarily based in Edinburgh (Stewart Investors) and the other primarily based in Hong Kong (First State Stewart Asia). This split will allow the two new successor teams to develop as smaller, dynamic investment groups, recognising that this has been critical to their success over the last 20 years. For more information please view the announcement from March.

    Over the coming months, there will be changes to fund names and branding subject to regulatory approval. We will advise clients of these changes prior to them becoming effective. There is no change to either team’s investment philosophy.


    Investment Philosophy

    Stewardship: At the heart of our investment approach is the concept of stewardship. We believe our job is to allocate our clients’ capital to good quality companies with sound growth prospects and strong management teams, ensuring we pay sensible prices for these investments. Each investment is a decision to purchase, on behalf of our clients, not a piece of paper or an electronic ticker, but part of a real business with all the rights and responsibilities that go with this. We take these rights and responsibilities seriously. We also believe the way we behave as investment professionals and the role we play in the broader industry are important in this regard. 

    Risk: We define risk as the risk of losing our clients’ money, rather than in terms of deviation from any benchmark index. We focus as much on the potential downside of each investment decision as on the anticipated upside.

    Long-term: We are long-term investors and strive to make investment decisions with a five year time horizon. We are incentivised accordingly.

    Bottom-up: We invest in companies, not sectors or countries. Our starting point is always to find good quality companies. Only then do we consider the political and economic environment in which they operate.

    Quality: We emphasise the importance of the quality of the management and spend a great deal of time focusing on areas such as management integrity, corporate governance and the historic ability to develop and execute successful long-term strategies. Quality of the business franchise and the financials are also critical.

    Growth: Our preference is to invest in companies able to generate a steady, predictable growth in cashflows over the long-term, recognising that companies growing too fast usually come unstuck.

    Valuation: We strive to ensure we pay sensible prices for our investments. We believe every company of sufficient quality has a fair value and that there is no single catch-all valuation methodology to assess this fair value.

    Soft closure of funds

    Please note that on a number of funds we manage, the full initial charge of 4% is charged on all purchases to protect the interests of existing investors. This 4% charge is mandatory and non-reversible and applies to all lump sum investments both direct and via platforms.

    Investment trusts

    Investment risks

    The value of investments and any income from them may go down as well as up. Investors may get back less than the original amount invested and past performance information is not a guide to future performance.

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