• Short Term Investments

    Our Short Term investment team is one of the largest managers of cash funds in Australia. We invest in overnight cash deposits, bank bills, negotiable certificates of deposit, commercial paper and floating rate, corporate and asset-back securities. The team boasts one of the largest number of dedicated portfolio managers of cash funds in Australia, with a long term and solid track record of out performance.

    Key features

    • Investment philosophy: active style that incorporates a detailed macro understanding of factors driving money market yields. Our investment decisions are made based on the opportunity set which offers the best value for risk.
    • Investment process: incorporates best investment opportunities into a diversified portfolio. The team quantifies each asset’s risk characteristics, then monitors the market to determine the range of opportunities available. The goal of the process is centred on liquidity delivery at all times, while maximising return opportunities for variant risk profiled portfolios.
    • Sustainability and governance: Our team incorporates our ESG principles into its investment process.