• Multi-Asset Solutions

    The Multi-Asset Solutions team provides a range of services to institutional clients around the world in the fields of portfolio management, asset allocation, asset liability management, portfolio construction and risk management.

    In addition to our objective-based Neutral Asset Allocation (NAA) modelling, we combine our risk management process with Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) capabilities to ensure that shorter-term market dynamics are taken into account to both reduce risk and increase alpha potential for our clients. We then implement our investment solutions in the form of tailored risk-managed, multi-asset mandates.

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  • Why multi-asset solutions?

    Multi-asset investing provides benefits typically not achievable by investing in a single asset class. Learn more from our experts about the benefits of multi-asset investing.

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  • Our approach

    We utilise an objective-based Neutral Asset Allocation (NAA) approach, overlaid with Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) capabilities, to help deliver clients’ investment objectives.

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  • Investment team

    Based in Singapore, Sydney and London, our team has a broad range of international experience and expertise in multi-asset investing.

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  • More insights

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