• Investment strategies

    Our investment capabilities span equities, fixed income and real assets.

    Our investment teams are specialists in their asset classes with dedicated portfolio managers and analysts. Each team is responsible for setting their own investment philosophy and their incentives are directly aligned to the results they deliver for clients.


Australian Equities

Our Australian Equities team is one of the largest in the sector and place a strong emphasis on proprietary industry analysis.

Stewart Investors

Stewart Investors manage Asia Pacific (ex Japan), Global Emerging Market, Worldwide and Sustainable Development equity strategies.

First State Stewart Asia

First State Stewart Asia manages Asia Pacific and Japanese equity strategies.

Global Listed Infrastructure Securities

Our Global Listed Infrastructure team manages globally diversified portfolios of listed infrastructure securities.

Global Property Securities

Our Global Property Securities team provides investors with the ability to gain exposure to property markets without buying physical property.

Realindex Investments

Our Smart Beta investment strategy, with Australian, Global, and Emerging Markets portfolios.

Global Resources

Our Global Resources team manages equity portfolios investing in hard commodities.

Fixed income

Emerging Markets Debt

Our Emerging Markets Debt team focuses on hard currency sovereign and corporate debt, as well as local currency markets.

Global Fixed Income and Credit

Our Global Fixed Income and Credit team manages global and domestic fixed interest and credit portfolios with a long-term time horizon.

Short Term Investments

Our cash funds aim to provide wholesale investors with a regular income stream from investments in money market securities with a very low risk of capital loss.

Real assets and alternatives

Unlisted Infrastructure

Our Unlisted Infrastructure offers institutional investors long-term exposure to a diversified portfolio of domestic and global infrastructure investments.

Multi-Asset Solutions

Our Multi-Asset Solutions team is committed to offering superior strategic advisory services to a wide range of institutional clients.