• Global Resources

    Our Global Resources team is a large, global and specialist team dedicated to investing in resources equities. The team has over 100 years of combined investment experience and draws upon an outstanding range of industry and investment management expertise including mining and petroleum engineering, metallurgy, economics, finance and chemistry to technically and economically appraise resource projects.

Todd Warren


As Head of Global Resources, Todd leads an experienced team of seven dedicated mining and energy investment professionals. Todd is based in Sydney, Australia.

  • More than 19 years’ investment experience including over 10 years as a global resources portfolio manager in both Australia and the UK.
  • Todd is the lead portfolio manager for the CFS Wholesale Global Resources Fund, FSI Global Resources VCC Fund and two other Global Resources long-only mandates.
  • Prior to joining CFSGAM, Todd worked at the State Bank of New South Wales in a corporate strategy role. He has worked for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group for over 20 years.

Tal Lomnitzer


Tal is the lead Portfolio Manager for the FSI Global Resources OIEC Fund and one other Global Resources long-only mandate. Tal is based in London, UK.

  • More than 19 years’ investment experience managing global resources portfolios
  • Prior to joining CFSGAM/FSI, Tal founded and managed the Merchant Global Resources Fund.
  • Tal also was a partner and portfolio manager at NewSmith Capital and ORN Capital, and a generalist portfolio manager and buy-side energy equity analyst at Deutsche Asset Management (formerly Morgan Grenfell Asset Management).

Rebecca O’Dwyer


Rebecca’s main focus is on the detailed analysis of international mining companies.

  • Over 14 years of investment experience.
  • Prior to joining CFSGAM, Rebecca was a member of Investec’s top rated mining research team based in London.
  • Rebecca also held roles at Morgan Stanley as Vice President – Metals and Mining, and Anglo Coal as a mining engineer.

Peter Campbell


Peter’s main responsibilities include the mining, energy and steel sectors and has also been involved in numerous company reviews and site visits.

  • Over 9 years’ investment experience.
  • Peter joined CFSGAM’s graduate programme in June 2008.
  • Peter’s previous roles include positions with the Unlisted Infrastructure team in Sydney and the Global Equities team in London

Peter Mangano


Peter is responsible for the in-depth analysis of global mining companies.

  • Over 23 years' experience as a mining equities analyst.
  • Prior to joining CFSGAM, Peter was the Chief Operating Officer of IPD Analytics, based in Miami. Previously he was Deputy Director of US Equity Research and Director Global Research Operations with Citigroup, based in New York.
  • Peter holds a Bachelor of Science Honours (Physical and Inorganic Chemistry) from the University of Western Australia and has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Tasmania. He is also a trained metallurgist and a Certified Practicing Accountant.