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    We invest in resource opportunities around the world. We are passionate about the global resources sector and have undertaken more than 1,300 site visits to 76 countries since the inception of our funds in 1997. Our team draws upon a range of industry and investment management expertise, including finance, mining and petroleum engineering, metallurgy, economics, finance and chemistry to technically and economically appraise resource projects. Hard hats and safety boots are some of our primary investment tools when it comes to investing in natural resource companies.

    Team Profile

    Location: Sydney, London
    Asset class inception date: 3 June, 1997
    Team size: 8

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    Key features

    • Investment philosophy: fundamental, bottom-up stock analysis. We don’t attempt to forecast short-term commodity prices. Where possible our portfolios contain a diversified mix of investments by sector and commodity type.
    • Investment process: global approach providing a range of market stocks to create portfolios containing the best quality companies to represent different commodity markets. To reduce portfolio risk, we diversify by commodity, geography and company size.
    • Sustainability and governance: We are highly skilled in understanding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues for companies, which is why we invest time visiting sites and management teams to see first-hand the success, or otherwise, of company practices, including environmental, safety, corporate governance and local community engagement.
  • 2017 Global Resources Outlook

    Find out which global developments – and stocks – we’re watching in 2017 in this 3 minute video outlook from CFSGAM Global Resources Portfolio Manager, Todd Warren. 

  • Price
    Global resourcesAPIR code †Date
    Entry price (AUD)
    Exit price (AUD)
    Colonial First State Wholesale Global ResourcesFSF0038AU17 Feb 2017
    Global resourcesAPIR code ††1 year % p.a.2 year % p.a.3 year % p.a.5 year % p.a.7 year % p.a.% Since inceptionInception date
    Colonial First State Wholesale Global ResourcesFSF0038AU
    03 Jun 1997
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