• Global Listed Property Securities

    Our Global Property Securities team combines specialised knowledge with a globally consistent, disciplined investment strategy that is solely focussed on property securities. Team members are based across the world’s major property markets, including New York, London and Singapore. We believe that on-the-ground assessment is essential to getting property stock selection decisions right. The team also uses input and expertise from other investment teams within CFSGAM.

    We employ an active, bottom-up security selection process that aims to exploit market inefficiencies. We believe that best investment ideas should drive portfolio creation, and our global property funds are based on total returns, not just yield. We take a pragmatic approach to investing in property and seek to exploit market inefficiencies by combining attractive value with superior quality characteristics.

    Team profile

    Location: Sydney, London, Singapore, New York
    Asset class inception date: 1991
    Team size: 12 

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    Key features

    • Investment philosophy: incorporating asset-specific and region-specific micro and macroeconomic forecasts into our security valuation models. We believe that property fundamentals are largely driven by local property factors, which is why we have placed members of the team in the major regions of the world – Asia Pacific, UK/Europe and the United States of America
    • Investment strategy: bottom-up assessment of property companies is gained through extensive company visits and asset inspection. We also consider potential holdings based on value, asset quality, management quality, financial leverage.
    • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are also considered as part of this assessment.