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    Corporate credit remains attractive to investors seeking a higher yield than cash and government bonds while retaining more defensive characteristics compared to equities. Higher quality global credit securities currently enjoy strong  demand given the historically low yielding environment combined with continued central bank accommodation.

    There are many opportunities for both structural and more tactical allocations to global credit ranging from passive / smart-beta style portfolios to active global credit and multi-sector strategies. Blended portfolios combine both investment grade and high yield credit investments, allowing an active manager to build an optimal portfolio, free from the constraints of credit ratings agencies.

    Our Global Credit team builds and manages highly diversified global corporate bond portfolios that capture the credit premium offered in the market while avoiding permanent capital impairment. To generate strong risk-adjusted returns for investors, the team seeks to mitigate concentration and correlation risks by blending multi-dimensional, bottom-up credit research with sophisticated portfolio construction.

  • Why Global Credit?

    Learn more about the benefits of a long term strategic investment in global credit.

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  • Our Approach

    Learn more about how we manage global credit as a defensive asset class, which aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

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  • Investment team

    Learn more about the breadth of experience within our investment team.

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