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  • Emerging Markets Debt

    Emerging countries have stepped up their debt issuance in recent years to create a growing and increasingly liquid market. Today, a thriving market exists spanning Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Emerging Asia and the Middle East.

    Originally confined to US-dollar denominated debt (‘hard currency’), there is also now a large market for bonds issued in the country’s own currency (‘local currency’).

    For investors in sovereign bonds, the country’s ability to repay its debt is essential. Investors are increasingly concerned about the debt levels in developed markets. However, emerging markets are in a very different position. Their debt-to-GDP ratios are only one-third of their developed peers.

    They are in a much better position to repay their debts, thanks to their superior demographic, fiscal and economic profiles. And thanks to emerging countries’ improved monetary and fiscal policies, investors are increasingly confident in their long-term stability.

  • Why emerging
    market debt?

    As emerging markets continue to evolve, so do the investment opportunities. learn more from our emerging market debt experts about the benefits of investing in debt from emerging market countries.

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  • Our approach

    Find out more about the Emerging Markets Debt teams investment approach and their commitment to providing the best possible outcomes over the long-term for their investors.

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  • Investment team

    Based in London, our team is comprised of experienced investors from a diverse range of backgrounds, including roles with high-profile European institutions and central banks.

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