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    Important notice


    On 21 February 2018 Colonial First State Global Asset Management (CFSGAM) announced the closure of the Australian Equities – Core capability.


    Our primary responsibility is to our clients and underlying investors and we will continue to actively manage portfolios in accordance with the agreed investment objectives & and guidelines.


    Key portfolio managers retain responsibility for actively managing the portfolios as these changes are implemented in line with our stewardship obligations.


    For further information please contact Harry Moore:


    Phone: +61 3 8618 5532 or +61 457 519 269

    Email: hmoore@colonialfirststate.com.au


    Australian Equities


    Whether you need an active exposure to Australian shares or a low cost passive strategy, we offer a range of broad cap, concentrated and income strategies managed to core and growth styles. Our investment teams bring together the benefits of extensive research resources, team continuity, in depth company engagement and disciplined risk management processes to every investment strategy.


    Our approach to investing is also underpinned by a stewardship mindset; we believe poor management of ESG risks can detract from financial outcomes and we actively engage with the companies in which we invest to drive the best outcomes for shareholders and the broader community. 


    Our investment universe 

    Broad market coverage

    Universe: S&P/ASX 100 or S&P/ASX 200 or S&P/ASX 300

    Investors looking to build the foundation of their Australian equities portfolio with a broad exposure to the market have their choice of active strategies. Our active strategies employ distinctive, disciplined, fundamental, bottom-up investment processes to generate outperformance.


    Medium to small sized companies

    Universe: S&P/ASX 300 ex the S&P/ASX Top 50

    For investors who want targeted exposure to a high alpha and diverse segment of the ASX, we offer a mid-cap to small-cap strategy managed by a team with exceptional track records in the smaller companies’ space.


    Smaller companies

    Universe: S&P/ASX 300 ex the S&P/ASX Top 100 (S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries)

    Our team offers a high alpha strategy, which targets developing companies with a market capitalisation of less than $200 million. The success of our strategy in this space comes from regular engagement with company management and fundamental research.


    Income strategies

    Universe: S&P/ASX 100

    We offer a range of tax-effective equity income strategies to meet the needs of objectives-based investors. The primary aim of the equity income solution should be to maintain exposure to the equity risk premium, thus providing some growth above the rate of inflation, while seeking to reduce the degree of capital volatility and enhance the level of income generated by the portfolio. Active option overlay strategies are selectively applied on top of the underlying shares to address the ‘return path’ (lower volatility) and ‘return composition’ (higher income) requirements.