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    Investments into fixed income allow investors to diversify and protect their portfolios, earn regular income with a guarantee of principal repayment and have a higher claim to assets all while maintaining a higher yield than bank deposits. While equity markets double the size of bond markets globally, Australia’s bond market almost the same size as its equity market making it a prime location for fixed income investment.

    Even in a domestic space, we draw from our highly developed global platform which allows for the valuable combination of global data and information and specialised local expertise. In keeping research processes independent of, yet imperative to portfolio construction, we gain a diverse perspective in our investment decisions, moving away from a centralised “house view”. Consequently, we are able to utilise varied and uncorrelated alpha sources to deliver exceptional outcomes.  

    Our investment team, based locally in Australia, are experts in their fields and communicate their ideas through our proprietary technology platform, the Investment Opinion Network (ION). This, as well as support from our global credit research team, has established a transparent, collaborative and research-based investment culture allowing them to capture a wide range of return drivers.

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